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Reference materials Fort Harrison Hotel (also, Flag Land Base) @ 210 South Fort Harrison Avenue Clearwater FL United StatesClearwater Academy International (1997 merger of A to Be School, Jefferson Academy, Renaissance Academy)Hacienda Gardens @ 551 North Saturn Avenue Clearwater FL United StatesCity of Clearwater 1982 HearingsSuper Power/Flag building (formerly, Gray Moss Inn) @ 215 South Fort Harrison Avenue Clearwater FL United States
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Dec 24, 1988
Tax suits involve land sold by judge / Rives says he'll step aside in Scientologists' case — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Dec 23, 1988
Changing strategy: Scientology now steps right up to controversy — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
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Type: Press
Author(s): Stephen Koff
Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
After years of sparring with the townsfolk and veiling itself in secrecy, the Church of Scientology has succeeded in turning Clearwater into its spiritual mecca. Scientologists quietly run teen nightclubs, schools, day-care centers, management consulting firms and other businesses, records and interviews show. Now the strategy of the organization, longtime observers say, is to confront controversy, gain converts and make money - lots of it. Scientology's Clearwater operation brings in $1.5-million to $2-million a week, say church watchers who include Clearwater ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Aug 31, 1988
Measles outbreak traced to Clearwater private school — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Type: Press
Author(s): Paul L. McGorrian
Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
CLEARWATER — The outbreak of measles reported by county health officials this week has been traced to the True School, a private school in Clearwater that uses the teachings of L. Run Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology. A Health Department official said Tuesday that 40 of the 100 students at the school had not been immunized. But Sherry Payson, a spokeswoman for the school, said she thinks the figure is lower. She said neither the school nor Scientology discourages ...
Jul 1, 1988
Body is found in Clearwater Harbor — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Type: Press
Author(s): Mike Jackson
Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
DUNEDIN — The body of an unidentified man was found floating in Clearwater Harbor Thursday morning by an off-duty police officer. [...]
May 18, 1988
Use of secret computer codes being investigated — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Type: Press
Author(s): Jane Meinhardt
Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
The caller dialed in secret access codes to the computer, codes assigned to the building inspectors for reporting inspection results. According to the information the caller dialed into the computer about 11 p.m. April 14, a new art gallery in Clearwater had passed final inspections. But building officials became suspicious. The building inspector who supposedly did the inspections was on vacation when the calls were made. And the inspector had made no final inspections at the gallery. The secret computer access ...
Mar 25, 1988
Scientologists lose rounds in lawsuit against Clearwater — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Mar 3, 1988
Debate over sect fades — Clearwater Sun (Florida)
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Type: Press
Author(s): Debbie Long
Source: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
CLEARWATER — In 1975 the Church of Scientology, cloaked in secrecy, made this waterfront city its international headquarters. A lengthy outcry ensued when the public became aware the sect — under another name — bought a Clearwater landmark, the Fort Harrison Hotel. The Scientologists subsequently bought many other parcels of downtown Clearwater property, posting guards to keep the curious at bay. When the public and press asked questions about the aims of the Church of Scientology, sect leaders became mum about ...
Feb 26, 1988
Art gallery planned for old Gray Moss Inn — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
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