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Nov 10, 1991
Church of Spiritual Technology vs. United States: Declaration of Lyman Spurlock
Sep 25, 1991
Advertisement: Abuses, misconduct, special favors – LA IRS — USA Today
Sep 4, 1991
Scientology takes on IRS — Wall Street Journal
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Wall Street Journal
The Church of Scientology, which is already bashing Time magazine in full-page salvos, has taken its long-running squabble with the Internal Revenue Service public, running full-page ads in USA Today to enlist anti-IRS allies. An ad that ran yesterday shows a screaming young girl and carries the headline, "Don't you kill my Daddy!" Ad copy discusses a situation in which "a band of armed IRS agents" allegedly tried to choke an Idaho man, as well as other alleged IRS abuses. Yesterday's ...
Aug 13, 1991
Scientologists sue 17 IRS officials — Los Angeles Times (California)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Henry Weinstein
Source: Los Angeles Times (California)
Church: The lawsuit accuses them of waging a 33-year campaign against the organization and a large number of its members. It seeks $120 million. The Church of Scientology International filed a $120-million federal lawsuit against 17 Washington- and Los Angeles-based Internal Revenue Service officials Monday, accusing them of waging a 33-year campaign of illegal acts against Scientology and a large number of its members. According to the suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, documents obtained under the Freedom ...
Jul 31, 1991
[Advertisement] I am a Scientologist — USA Today
Jun 21, 1991
'Time' squabble / Scientology adds WPP units to attack [exact date unknown] — Advertising Age
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Gary Levin
Source: Advertising Age
NEW YORK—WPP Group's Hill & Knowlton, the giannt public relations agency charged with generating favorable images for clients, is having public relations problems of its own. The latest controversy surfaced last month, when the agency was forced to resign the $2 million Church of Scientology International account a week after a May 6 Time cover story labeled the church a "cult of greed" that had bilked its followers of millions of dollars. The church quickly began an ad campaign in ''USA ...
Jun 20, 1991
Advertising // Scientology dispute draws in WPP chief — Wall Street Journal
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Joanne Lipman
Source: Wall Street Journal
A bizarre run-in between Time magazine and the Church of Scientology has ensnared an unlikely victim: WPP Group's Martin Sorrell. Ever since Time ran a May 6 cover story depicting the Scientology group as a "cult of greed," the Scientologists have been striking back, criticizing the article as a "sensationalized attack" full of "falsehoods." In the past week, the Scientologists have broadened their attack. This time, in one of the stranger plot twists Madison Avenue has seen, their target is Mr. ...
Jun 19, 1991
Scientology group strikes back at Time magazine — Associated Press
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Rick Hampson
Source: Associated Press
NEW YORK (AP) — Some subjects of unflattering magazine profiles are content to write a letter to the editor or cancel their subscription. The Church of Scientology, pilloried in Time as "The Cult of Greed," is fighting back with a $3 million ad campaign. After several weeks of taking out full-page color ads in USA Today, the church has released a glossy, 28-page booklet that purports to refute Time's charges and expose its motivation for the May 6 cover story. Titled ...
Jun 18, 1991
[Advertising] The vital statistics of Scientology — USA Today
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Jun 17, 1991
[Advertisement] The true story of Scientology — USA Today
Jun 15, 1991
Scientology fires ad barrage at 'Time' [exact date unknown] — Advertising Age
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Scott Donston
Source: Advertising Age
The Church of Scientology International last week unleashed an estimated $2 million media blitz against Time in response to the magazine's May 6 cover article labeling the church a "cult of greed." The organization on May 28 broke a series of page color ads in Gannett Co.'s USA Today accusing Time of giving favorable coverage to Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, LSD and Prozac. Although the use of advertising for rebuttals isn't uncommon, rarely are such campaigns as prolonged and pricey. The ...
Jun 14, 1991
Advertisement: Who controls what gets printed in Time magazine? — USA Today
Jun 13, 1991
[Advertisement] Who controls what foods and drugs the public may consume? — USA Today
Jun 12, 1991
[Advertisement] A History of Human Misery? — USA Today
Jun 11, 1991
[Advertisement] What U.S. Drug Company Pleaded Guilty to 10 Charges of Concealing Evidence from the F.D.A. — USA Today
Jun 10, 1991
[Advertisement] What magazine gets it wrong in 1991? — USA Today
Jun 7, 1991
[Advertisement] What U.S. Drug Company Produced a Drug Named After Adolf Hitler? — USA Today
Jun 6, 1991
[Advertisement] "Painkiller" — USA Today
Jun 5, 1991
[Advertisement] What U.S. Drug Company produced heroin and LSD? — USA Today
Jun 4, 1991
[Advertisement] Prozac / Eli Lilly's "Miracle" — USA Today
May 31, 1991
[Advertisement] What magazine gets it wrong in 1991? — USA Today
May 29, 1991
Scientology group starts media attack on Time magazine // Full-Page ads in USA Today are intended to refute unflattering cover story — Wall Street Journal
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Patrick M. Reilly
Source: Wall Street Journal
The Church of Scientology has launched an unusually large-scale media attack against Time magazine in retribution for an unflattering cover story on the worldwide organization earlier this month. The church, founded by the late L. Ron Hubbard, took out a four-color, full-page ad yesterday in Gannett Co.'s USA Today with the headline "What magazine gets it wrong in 1991. . .the same one that was wrong in 1936. Time magazine." The ad, using quotes from W.A. Swanberg's "Luce and His Empire," ...
May 29, 1991
[Advertisement] What magazine gets it wrong in 1991? — USA Today
May 28, 1991
[Advertisement] What magazine gets it wrong in 1991? — USA Today
More: link
Type: Promotion
Source: USA Today
Ansewer: What magazine gets it wrong in 1991? The same one that was wrong in 1936 TIME magazine. According to W.A. Swanberg in his book Luce and His Empire, the pages of TIME were used throughout the 1930's to forward Hitler and his Nazi regime by "ridiculing the people and nations arrayed against them." In TIME's coverage of Hitler, Swanberg noted, "he was cleverly handled ... in a manner implying guarded approval. His abilities were stressed.... His barbarities were soft-pedaled.... His ...
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