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Aug 23, 1991
Daughter, granddaughter guilty of woman's murder — Seattle Times
Type: Press
Author(s): Julie Emery
Source: Seattle Times
They loved 79-year-old Suzine Van Sickle and brought her back home to live out her days, they said. But Van Sickle's caretakers — her daughter and granddaughter — yesterday were convicted of poisoning, then smothering her. A King County jury found Jimmie Jean Shumway, 59, the daughter, and Alexis Shumway, 29, guilty of premeditated first-degree murder in the bizarre killing last November that they kept secret for three months. The two showed no emotion as the verdict was read yesterday. Deputy ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Aug 8, 1991
Harassement shouldn't quiet media, say cult experts — Winnipeg Sun
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Winnipeg Sun
The Church of Scientology has a long and undistinguished history of harassing its detractors — but that shouldn't stop the media or anyone else from speaking out against it, cult experts say. The church commonly threatens lawsuits, tries to have detractors arrested, and harasses sources and individual reporters, said Cynthia Kisser of the Cult Awareness Network in Chicago. And recent Sun stories linking the church — alleged by experts to be a dangerous, mind-control cult — to Narconon, a drug rehabilitation ...
Jul 8, 1991
Ex-publisher sought by creditors — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
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Jul 4, 1991
Court acquits some Scientology followers, convicts others — Associated Press
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Associated Press
MILAN, Italy (AP) — A Milan court has acquitted 67 Scientology followers of charges ranging from criminal association to tax evasion, but it convicted six others of deceiving confused people. While not ruling that the group is a church, as Scientologists contend, the court said Wednesday that it is a non-profit organization and thus need not report to the Italian tax office. The trial was brought after a five-year investigation into activities of Scientology centers in Italy after disenchanted followers filed ...
May 6, 1991
The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power — TIME Magazine
Type: Press
Author(s): Richard Behar
Source: TIME Magazine
By all appearances, Noah Lottick of Kingston, Pa., had been a normal, happy 24-year-old who was looking for his place in the world. On the day last June when his parents drove to New York City to claim his body, they were nearly catatonic with grief. The young Russian-studies scholar had jumped from a 10th-floor window of the Milford Plaza Hotel and bounced off the hood of a stretch limousine. When the police arrived, his fingers were still clutching $171 in ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Apr 23, 1991
Scientology church on trial in Canada — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Type: Press
Author(s): W. Richard Reynolds
Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
The Church of Scientology goes on trial here this morning, charged with stealing thousands of documents from government offices and law firms. It is the first time that a church has been put on trial in Canada. The trial is expected to be long and drawn-out. Various motions on legal technicalities must be dealt with first, a process that could take months. The trial is the result of eight years of legal wrangling. It began in 1983, when 110 police officers ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Apr 16, 1991
Charges against minister withdrawn // Scientologist relieved — Edmonton Journal
Type: Press
Source: Edmonton Journal
A Church of Scientology minister says unsubstantiated sexual-assault charges brought against him were an attack against the church. Allan Buttnor expressed relief, but also annoyance, after the Crown withdrew several charges against him Monday. The charges were laid following a police investigation into claims by a 10-year-old girl. The girl later told police the alleged incidents never happened. "It was obviously an attack on our church," Buttnor said after emerging from Provincial Court. Judge Edward Stack dismissed two counts of sexual ...
Apr 5, 1991
Scientologists face lawsuit // Police officer suing church, church official for malicious prosecution — Edmonton Journal
Type: Press
Source: Edmonton Journal
A city police officer being sued by the Church of Scientology has launched a $100,000 countersuit. Det. Ken Montgomery is suing the church and church official Allan Buttnor for abuse of process and malicious prosecution. As a member of the Edmonton Integrated Intelligence Unit, Montgomery investigates "cult, occult, ritualistic and religious influence crime." Buttnor, who is facing sexual-assault charges, last month filed a $1-million lawsuit against Montgomery, a second police officer and a woman. Buttnor, acting director of the local church's ...
Mar 20, 1991
Allan Anthony Buttnor vs. Janice "Kelly" Gariepy, Reed Leary, Ken Montgomery
Type: Legal
LENNIE & CO. ID: 4034266977 JUN 20 '94 9:48 No.001 P.02 IN THE COURT OF QUEEN'S BENCH OF ALBERTA JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF EDMONTON BETWEEN: ALLAN ANTHONY BUTTNOR, Plaintiff, - and - JANICE "KELLY" GARIEPY, REED LEARY, and KEN MONTGOMERY, Defendants. STATEMENT OF CLAIM 1. The Plaintiff is a resident of the City of Edmonton, in the Province of Alberta, and is an ordained minister of the Church of Scientology of Alberta, who seeks to minister to the spiritual needs of the ...
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