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Dec 22, 1996
Scientology and Germany: Falling back into the past — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Dec 13, 1996
[Advertisement] When teachers become "unfit" / Germany — New York Times
Dec 6, 1996
[Advertisement] Practicing artistic discrimination / Germany — New York Times
Nov 29, 1996
[Advertisement] Subverting education with "enlightenment" / Germany — New York Times
Nov 28, 1996
The Big Story: The S-Files — ITV
More: transcript, partial transcript
Type: TV
Author(s): Dermot Murnaghan
Source: ITV
Title "The S Files" [S as in Scientology Logo] [Presenter Dermot Murnaghan (DM henceforth) no relation to any other DM] Tonight we're going to expose serious financial crime in one of the Scientology cult's most successful operations in Britain. We show how they cooked the books, made false statements to obtain bank loans, and changed invoices to fiddle their VAT. [Extract from "Trust" ad] This advert for the Church of Scientology was recently shown on cable TV. It was a major ...
Nov 22, 1996
[Advertisement] Practicing religious persecution / Germany — New York Times
Nov 15, 1996
[Advertisement] Practicing economic ostracism / Germany — New York Times
Nov 8, 1996
[Advertisement] Practicing hate propaganda / Germany — New York Times
Nov 1, 1996
[Advertisement] Practicing social ostracism // Germany — New York Times
Oct 25, 1996
[Advertisement] Inciting religious paranoia // Germany — New York Times
Oct 17, 1996
The following is the text of the ad placed by the Scientologists in The New York Times — CNN
Type: Press
Source: CNN
Tag(s): CNNGermanyNazi labelling
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Oct 17, 1996
[Advertisement] Practicing religious intolerance // Germany — New York Times
Sep 1, 1996
Germany finds Scientology to have menacing mission — Indianapolis Star (Indiana)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Barbara Demick
Source: Indianapolis Star (Indiana)
Lawmakers are looking at barring its members from teaching, police work, other government jobs. HAMBURG, Germany — As the politicians see it, Germany, is being threatened by an evil plot to infiltrate business and government. "A giant octopus . . . that will stop at nothing in its desire to spread its blind ideology" is how Labor Secretary Norbert Blum has described the plot against Germany. Claudia Nolte, another member of Chancellor Helmut Kohl's Cabinet, warns, "They aim at world domination ...
Aug 11, 1996
Scientologists face German boycott — Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Australia)
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Australia)
THE Church of Scientology has attacked what it called "religious apartheid" in Germany after a Bavarian move to bar its members from public service and calls to boycott Tom Cruise's latest film because the star is a Scientologist. In a communique issued in Bonn, the church said "officially-sanctioned religious apartheid" was "the result of years of unsubstantiated emotional propaganda against the Church of Scientology and other religious minorities in Germany". It was "incredible" and "blatant hypocrisy" that the Christian Democratic Union, ...
Jul 21, 1996
Country battles to keep out Scientologists // They say it's no religion, it's a menace — Associated Press
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Colleen Barry
Source: Associated Press
BERLIN — American musician Chick Corea was able to perform at the Burghausen Jazz Festival this spring only after a fight among Bavarian officials about whether the state should fund an event in which a Scientologist participated. In the past, Corea was kept out of German festivals because of such fund-withdrawal threats by government officials. This time the concert went on because Bavarian Culture Minister Hans Zehetmair made an argument rarely heard in Germany: "Chick Corea is appearing in Burghausen not ...
Jan 11, 1996
German official calls for security surveillance of Scientologists — New York Times
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Alan Cowell
Source: New York Times
BONN, Jan. 10 — In the long-running duel between the German authorities and the Church of Scientology, a senior Government official urged today that it be placed under surveillance by the same internal security agency that tracks terrorists and political extremists. The official, Claudia Nolte, the Minister for Family Policy, described the church as "one of the most aggressive groups in our society" and said she would "oppose the Scientology organization with all the means at my disposal." The Church of ...
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