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Sep 6, 1996
Behind an Internet message service's close // Pressure from the Church of Scientology is blamed for the shutdown — New York Times
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Peter H. Lewis
Source: New York Times
Pressure from the Church of Scientology International was at least partly responsible for the recent shutdown of a well-known Internet messaging service based in Helsinki, according to the Finnish operator of the service. The service, known by its Internet address,, was used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to send and receive electronic messages without divulging their true identities. It was the best known of a small, global network of special computers known as remailers, whose legitimate users include ...
Aug 5, 1996
Church Of Scientology settles dispute with internet provider — Seattle Times
Type: Press
Source: Seattle Times
SAN JOSE, Calif. - The Church of Scientology has settled a copyright dispute with an Internet provider that many in the computer industry worried would restrict freedom of expression in cyberspace. The church and Netcom On-Line Communication Services, one of the nation's largest Internet-access providers, agreed not to discuss details of the out-of-court settlement. They did say, however, that the online service has posted a warning to its subscribers telling them not to use Netcom to "unlawfully distribute the intellectual property ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Aug 4, 1996
Netcom and Scientology settle — CNET
Type: Press
Source: CNET
As part of a settlement with Religious Technology Center, Netcom has posted a protocol in which the company states it will block access to material pending an investigation into claims of copyright infringement. Netcom's protocol states that upon receiving a complaint Netcom "will temporarily remove or deny access to the challenged material, to protect the rights of all involved." "If Netcom concludes that complainant has raised a legitimate claim, it will continue to deny access to the challenged material," the protocol ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
May 3, 1996
BU's Scientology Connection // Dan Kennedy's Response — Boston Phoenix
Type: Press
Author(s): Dan Kennedy
Source: Boston Phoenix
It is simply untrue to state that I did not bother to contact a Church of Scientology representative. I conducted a one-and-a-half-hour interview with Earle Cooley, a leading lawyer for the church — and, based on his past statements, a member. He described for me in great detail his work for the church and his view of a number of church policies and doctrines. What is he if not a church representative? Cooley and his relationship to Boston University was the ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Apr 18, 1996
Scientology told to pay fees in copyright suit — Daily Journal (Los Angeles, California)
More:, link
Type: Press
Author(s): Rex Bossert
Source: Daily Journal (Los Angeles, California)
SAN FRANCISCO — Saying that the Church of Scientology has been playing "fast and loose with the judicial system," a federal appeals court has ordered the religious organization to pay nearly $3 million in attorneys fees to a former member it sued after he formed his own splinter group. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the unusual sanction against the church for years of litigation spawned by two 1985 suits it filed against David Mayo and others involved with ...
Feb 5, 1996
Church of Scientology of California v. Lawrence Wollersheim — Daily Appellate Report
Feb 1, 1996
Scientology's Internet Wars — Watchman Expositor
Jan 29, 1996
Court ruling backs internet copyright protection — Publisher's Weekly
Type: Press
Source: Publisher's Weekly
REPRESENTATIVES OF THE Religious Technology Center, an affiliate of the Church of Scientology, are claiming a victory for copyright protection in cyberspace as the result of a ruling handed down earlier this month. The suit was brought by the RTC against a former member who posted the teachings of the church on the Internet. In her ruling Federal District Court judge Leonie Brinkema denied the argument by Arnaodo Lerma that his posting of large portions of the church's scripture were protected ...
Jan 20, 1996
A posting on Internet is ruled to be illegal — New York Times
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