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Reference materials Tom Cruise's leaked video of 2004
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Jun 14, 2006
60 Minutes: The Cruise Effect — Channel 3 (New Zealand)
Jun 13, 2006
When Elfmans explode — TMZ
Type: Press
Source: TMZ
If Tom Cruise's recent public displays weren't evidence enough, Scientologists Jenna and Bodhi Elfman prove that they, too, are willing to go to great lengths to defend their religion. Indie film director John Roecker tells TMZ he was walking to his car with a female friend in LA's trendy Los Feliz neighborhood last Sunday when he was approached by a shirtless man and a tall blonde. "Hey, man, you're making fun of my religion," said the stranger angrily. Roecker quickly recognized ...
May 26, 2006
Scientologist speaks out — San Diego 6 (XETV-TV)
Apr 30, 2006
Tom Cruise's manic meltdown // If we didn't know better, we'd say it's time for Cruise to see a shrink — Canoe
Type: Press
Author(s): Jim Slotek
Source: Canoe
Are we ready to feel sorry for Tom Cruise yet? Perhaps the most maladroit celebrity since ... well, if not ever, then at least since Michael Jackson, Cruise seems incapable of doing or saying anything in front of cameras and tape-recorders that doesn't come off strange and/or weird. Take the blessed event of the birth of his daughter Suri by girlfriend Katie Holmes. Never mind the rumours about Scientology-dictated "silent birth." Here was the the birth of an innocent, and a ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Apr 19, 2006
Mission Implausible ..or Tom Cruise and the riddle of the 'rigged' internet poll — Daily Mirror (UK)
Type: Press
Author(s): Ryan Parry
Source: Daily Mirror (UK)
TOM Cruise fans have been accused of rigging a poll to save the star from ridicule over his bizarre antics. Some 15,100 out of 18,000 votes in a magazine's internet survey - 84 per cent - blamed the media rather than the Mission: Impossible hero for his poor image. But suspicious bosses found 14,000 of the pro-Tom ballots came from just 10 computers. Alexis Collado, a spokesman for the magazine, Parade, said: "One computer was responsible for nearly 8,400 votes, all ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Apr 18, 2006
Cruise says he was joking about eating placenta — KOAT Albuquerque
Type: TV
Source: KOAT Albuquerque
NEW YORK – For those of you who took Tom Cruise seriously when he said he was going to eat Katie Holmes' placenta, there's been a clarification. He was joking. Cruise told Diane Sawyer he was only kidding when he said in GQ magazine that he was going to eat the placenta and umbilical cord right after Holmes gave birth because they're "very nutritious." But several days later, there are stories on the Internet taking him seriously. Several reports about the ...
Apr 18, 2006
Did Tom Cruise's cronies skew a parade Mag poll in his favor? — Huffington Post
Type: Press
Source: Huffington Post
TOM Cruise's cronies seem to have put a lot of effort into skewing a Parade magazine poll in his favor. recently asked online readers whether they thought Cruise was responsible for his disastrous public relations year or if it was the media's fault. A shocking 84 percent of respondents blamed the press. But Parade publicist Alexis Collado tells us: "We at Parade found this a little bit fishy, so we did some investigating. We found out more than 14,000 (of ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Apr 13, 2006
Tom & Katie's Planned 'Silent Birth' — CBS News
Type: Press
Author(s): Vanessa Mizell
Source: CBS News
(AP) Tom Cruise has been practically shouting from the rooftops about his love for his pregnant fiancée, Katie Holmes. But when their much-anticipated baby is born, the superstar dad probably won't say a word. Cruise, a longtime Scientologist who introduced Holmes to the faith, is likely to follow Scientology's practice of quiet birth. Followers believe the absence of talk and other noise in the delivery room is more healthful for mother and baby. No one's saying publicly where baby Cruise will ...
Apr 5, 2006
Interview with Glen Stollery of — Wikinews
Mar 29, 2006
Scientology foes blast Cruise in ad — MSNBC
Type: Press
Author(s): Jeannette Walls
Source: MSNBC
The battle between Tom Cruise and Scientology and its foes is heating up. Cruise and Scientology have been in the news lately because of an allegedly censored “South Park” parody of the religion — and now Scientology and the “Top Gun” star are being blamed for a woman’s death. “Thanks, Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology, for your expert advice on mental health,” blasts an ad in LA Weekly. The ad goes on to say that a woman was killed ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Mar 26, 2006
Hey Chef, these guys are killing free speech — The Times (UK)
Type: Press
Author(s): Andrew Sullivan
Source: The Times (UK)
We have a new cartoon-blasphemy scandal. No, it’s not Islamists burning down Kentucky Fried Chicken stores in Pakistan because a few Danish cartoonists had the gall to draw the prophet Muhammad. Now it’s Scientology versus the popular and hilarious cartoon television programme South Park. And the Scientologists, like the Islamists before them, are winning. South Park is a potty-mouthed series created by two young iconoclasts, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. It features a group of nine-year-old cardboard cut-out pals whose adventures ...
Mar 22, 2006
What Scientology needs most is to be ridiculed — The Times (UK)
Type: Press
Author(s): Michael Gove
Source: The Times (UK)
Isaac Hayes, the wonderfully gifted singer who sang the theme from Shaft, reached No1 with Chocolate Salty Balls in 1999. The song was one of a number that Hayes performed while playing the school Chef in the US cartoon series South Park. Among the other Chef tunes, the Christmas song stands out, with its seductive lyrics, which I believe ran: I’m gonna lay you down by the Yule log I’m gonna love you right Baby, I’m gonna deck your halls And ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Mar 2, 2006
Cruise, Travolta: Rolling Stone Gathers Moss — FOX News
Type: Press
Author(s): Roger Friedman
Source: FOX News
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Feb 23, 2006
Inside Scientology — Rolling Stone
Type: Press
Author(s): Janet Reitman
Source: Rolling Stone
The faded little downtown area of Clearwater, Florida, has a beauty salon, a pizza parlor and one or two run-down bars, as well as a bunch of withered bungalows and some old storefronts that look as if they haven't seen customers in years. There are few cars and almost no pedestrians. There are, however, buses — a fleet of gleaming white and blue ones that slowly crawl through town, stopping at regular intervals to discharge a small army of tightly organized, ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Jan 9, 2006
Cops probe Tom Cruise guru — National Enquirer
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