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Jun 11, 2008
School unaware of link to Scientologists — Vancouver Sun
Type: Press
Author(s): Janet Steffenhagen
Source: Vancouver Sun
A Vancouver principal said his school was uninformed when it invited a group affiliated with the Church of Scientology to speak to a student assembly last month about human rights. John Bevacqua, of St. Patrick regional secondary school, said he hadn't been aware that Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) is part of the Scientology movement until it was brought to his attention by a staff member shortly after the group finished its presentation. "It was very unfortunate that they were ...
May 26, 2008
The Post editorial board on Britain's censorship of a Scientology protest sign: A defeat for free expression — National Post
Type: Press
Author(s): Marni Soupcoff
Source: National Post
It may be one thing for freedom of expression to be an object of controversy in Canada — which is, after all, a somewhat tenuous experiment in democracy and federalism, one whose final shape and outcome may yet remain to be determined — but it is quite another to see it tormented in Great Britain, the historical anchor of most of the liberties we take for granted. When Britain injures what the rest of regard as British principles, it is a ...
May 23, 2008
A wolf in sheep's clothing
Type: Blog
Author(s): John Ray Catingub
Kofi Annan, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Voltaire, L. Ron Hubbard. One of these things is not like the other. If you said “L. Ron Hubbard,” then you are correct. On May 12th, the Youth for Human Rights International organization came to our school and hosted an assembly on human rights. For the uninformed, this may have seemed like an ordinary assembly to raise awareness on an issue that we, as Catholics, should be aware of. Sure, this got the point ...
May 12, 2008
Did Canadian President of Scientology Implicitly Threaten Protester?! — The Frame Problem
Type: Blog
Source: The Frame Problem
Here is a video of “Reverend” Yvette Shank, President of the “Church” of Scientology Canada, speaking to a protester on an April 20 mini-raid protest in Toronto. Shank asks the protester why she is not wearing a mask. The protester says she is not wearing a mask on account of the warm weather and because she is not afraid of CoS and does not think that the CoS could find her anyway. Shank says that CoS would not even bother trying ...
Apr 25, 2008
« Les abus de la psychiatrie » exposés au Vieux-Port — Canoe
Type: Press
Author(s): Reine-May Crescence
Source: Canoe
[Picture / Caption: Denis Côté, président du CCDH.] «La psychiatrie, la vérité sur les abus», tel est le titre de cette exposition itinérante et renouvelée qui a séjourné dans 150 villes à travers le monde depuis 2004. Proposée par la Commission des Citoyens pour les Droits de l’Homme (CCDH), «elle veut sensibiliser les gens sur les effets néfastes de la psychiatrie, une pratique qui ne résulte d’aucune démarche scientifique, étroitement liée à l’argent et aux industries pharmaceutiques qui a eu des ...
Apr 12, 2008
Église de scientologie // Discrète promotion à Québec — Société Radio-Canada (Canada)
Type: TV
Source: Société Radio-Canada (Canada)
La Commission des citoyens pour les droits de l'homme (CCDH), un organisme basé à Québec, distribue ces jours-ci dans la capitale une brochure visant à dénoncer le travail des psychiatres qui prescrivent des médicaments aux enfants souffrant d'un déficit d'attention. La CCDH prétend que les troubles de l'attention sont une pure invention de la médecine. Dans son dépliant d'information, la CCDH invite le public à visiter son site Internet pour commander un documentaire sur le sujet. Le document reproche aux psychiatres ...
Apr 2, 2008
Des théories remises en question [French] — Société Radio-Canada (Canada)
More: Video: Unofficial English translation, Transcript: Unofficial English translation
Type: TV
Author(s): Émilie Dubreuil
Source: Société Radio-Canada (Canada)
La scientologie est une entreprise ultramoderne qui a aussi des activités séculières. Par exemple, en 1966, Ron Hubbard fondait avec un collègue Narconon une cure de désintoxication qui compte aujourd'hui plus d'une centaine de centres dans le monde, dont un à Trois-Rivières. En plus d'être une cure de désintoxication, Narconon s'est donné pour mission d'instruire les jeunes sur les méfaits de la drogue en donnant des conférences dans de nombreuses écoles de la province. L'atelier offert dans les écoles, appelé La ...
Mar 6, 2008
Scientology critic free after serving four months; Former Brantford resident ordered to avoid negative contact with group — Brantford Expositor
Type: Press
Author(s): Susan Gamble
Source: Brantford Expositor
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Mar 5, 2008
MP denies knowledge of endorsed organization's ties to Scientology / Scientology denies ties to anti-drug organization — West Island Chronicle
Type: Press
Author(s): Raffy Boudjikanian
Source: West Island Chronicle
MP denies knowledge of endorsed organization's ties to Scientology Scientology denies ties to anti-drug organization Article online since March 5th 2008, 23:59 BY RAFFY BOUDJIKANIAN West Island Liberal MP Bernard Patry defended his recent endorsement of anti-drug organization Narconon Trois Rivière's prevention campaign despite the latter's supposed links to the Church of Scientology. "I did not know that they might be tied into the Scientology church," said Patry, who represents the Pierrefonds-Dollard riding. "As a former physician, when I started ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Mar 3, 2008
The truth about Scientology — National Post
Type: Press
Author(s): Yvette Shank
Source: National Post
The truth about Scientology Yvette Shank, National Post Published: Monday, March 03, 2008 Jonathan Kay's article on Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard ("In fear of Xenu," Jan. 18.) certainly didn't give the picture of the religion I have known for the past 40 years. From a very young age I found myself asking many questions: Who am I? What am I? Where do I come from? How can I help my friends and family? And I finally found what ...
Feb 19, 2008
MP backs anti-drug organization — Le Messager
Type: Press
Author(s): Raffy Boudjikanin
Source: Le Messager
MP backs anti-drug organization Pierrefonds-Dollard MP Bernard Patry and Carole Arvisais hold a banner from Narconon Trois-Rivières, which preaches drug prevention to students. MP backs anti-drug organization BY RAFFY BOUDJIKANIAN Pierrefonds-Dollard MP Bernard Patry added his name to a banner declaring he promised to live a life without drugs, a symbolic gesture aimed to help non-profit organization Narconon Trois-Rivières preach prevention to grade school students across Quebec. "I remember seeing a patient years ago," recalled Patry, a former physician, "who ...
Feb 12, 2008
Was That a Hate Crime? — Torontoist
Type: Press
Author(s): Robin Rix
Source: Torontoist
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Feb 11, 2008
200 cruise by Scientology HQ / Yonge St. demonstration part of global protest — Toronto Sun (Canada)
Feb 11, 2008
Scientology target of nameless protests — The Record
Type: Press
Author(s): Raveena Aulakh
Source: The Record
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Feb 10, 2008
Anons plan 'polite' church protest — Toronto Star (Canada)
Feb 10, 2008
Scientology's Legion of Doom — Torontoist
Type: Press
Source: Torontoist
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Feb 2, 2008
New life for a landmark — Winnipeg Free Press
Type: Press
Author(s): Murray McNeill
Source: Winnipeg Free Press
The Church of Scientology plans to spend up to $10 million to convert a landmark building in the Exchange District into a church and community outreach centre. Rev. Yvette Shank, president of the church's Canadian office in Toronto, said the church plans to undertake a major refurbishing of the 115-year-old Peck Building, which it quietly acquired last March for a previously unheard of price for the Exchange of $2.2 million. "We love it," Shank said of the six-storey, brick-and-stone building at ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Jan 15, 2008
An unauthorized Cruise. Let the attacks begin! — Globe and Mail (Canada)
Jan 10, 2008
Morton's Tom Cruise tell-all says nothing — Toronto Star (Canada)
Type: Press
Author(s): Malene Arpe
Source: Toronto Star (Canada)
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
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