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Dec 12, 1979
Justice Department: Church presented no evidence of civil rights violations — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Dec 8, 1979
4 more Scientologists ordered to jail — Los Angeles Times (California)
Dec 7, 1979
Five Scientology leaders receive prison sentences — Los Angeles Times (California)
Dec 6, 1979
5 Scientologists get jail terms in plot on files — Los Angeles Times (California)
Dec 4, 1979
Prosecutors: Scientologists infiltrated Washington Post — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Type: Press
Author(s): Gregory Gordon
Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
WASHINGTON — Prosecutors said Monday the Church of Scientology's campaign against its enemies included infiltrating law firms and newspapers, including the Washington Post. Federal prosecutors disclosed a number of the church's activities in a 70-page memorandum in which they urged a judge to give eight Scientologists the maximum sentence for their roles in a conspiracy to steal government documents. U.S. District Judge Charles Richey is scheduled to impose sentences Thursday on nine leading church members whom he found guilty last month ...
Nov 24, 1979
Documents: Scientologists plotted to frame writer — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
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Nov 6, 1979
Scientologists' goal: world takeover — Clearwater Sun (Florida)
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Type: Press
Author(s): Richard Leiby
Source: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
WASHINGTON — The Clearwater branch of the Church of Scientology actively participated in a master plan of founder L. Ron Hubbard apparently aimed at taking over the world, internal cult documents reveal. In Clearwater, the plan centered on removing from office political and and media figures considered "enemies" of the cult: former mayor Gabriel Cazares, Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney James Russell, Clearwater Sun Editor Ron Stuart and local broadcaster Bob Snyder. But on a grander scale, Hubbard's scheme was to "obliterate" and ...
Nov 4, 1979
Memo: Scientologists aimed attack at local man — Clearwater Sun (Florida)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Alan Gutwein-Guenther, Richard Leiby
Source: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
CLEARWATER — A two-page policy memo written by four top Church of Scientology officials apparently singled out for attack a former vice president of a local bank, according to documents released last week by a federal judge in Washington, D.C. The memo, included among the documents, cites Wilby F. Anderson of Buttonwood Court as an "enemy," apparently because of a speech Anderson made before the city commission in 1975. Anderson, who at one time worked in the U.S. Department of Justice, ...
Nov 3, 1979
Scientologists find few sympathizers after latest revelations — Clearwater Times (Florida)
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Type: Press
Author(s): Alan Gutwein-Guenther
Source: Clearwater Times (Florida)
CLEARWATER — Residents Friday denounced the Church of Scientology after documents released by a federal judge a day earlier showed the cult wanted to "take control" of Clearwater. Many of the residents interviewed were not familiar with details of the case, but most expressed a strong hostility toward church members. "l only know that I don’t believe a dam thing they say," said W. B. McFalls, asked his opinion as he shopped at a local supermarket. "lf you want to know ...
Oct 27, 1979
Scientology members guilty in data thefts — Detroit Free Press
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Type: Press
Source: Detroit Free Press
WASHINGTON — (AP) — A federal judge Friday convicted nine members of the Church of Scientology, including the wife of the founder, of taking part in a major conspiracy to steal government documents about the church. As the defendants and their lawyers clustered in front of him, U.S. District. Judge Charles Richey said the evidence "establishes each and every element" of the crimes that resulted in convictions. RICHEY SET no date for sentencing the defendants, who included Mary Sue Hubbard, wife ...
Oct 26, 1979
Document tells Scientology plans to infiltrate agencies — Los Angeles Times (California)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Robert Rawitch
Source: Los Angeles Times (California)
WASHINGTON — A plan by the Church of Scientology to infiltrate federal agencies with "covert agents" and steal thousands of government documents over a period of nearly four years was outlined Thursday in an unusual document filed in federal court by prosecution and the defense. The 284-page "stipulation of evidence" against nine Scientology leaders was filed with U.S. Dist Judge Charles R. Richey, who is expected to render a verdict today. The defendants have said they expect to be found guilty ...
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