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Jul 2, 1989
Scientology's best-seller // Savvy marketers, blurring ties to California 'church,' keep 40-year-old tract at top of the list — New York Post
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Daniel Harris
Source: New York Post
EVEN the strongest stomach at this summer's American Booksellers convention must have heaved in protest when comely goons hired by Bridge Publications, the publishing arm of the Church of Scientology, marched up and down the aisles of the auditorium literally setting ablaze a book by L. Ron Hubbard — a "hot" author, get it? — a man who is said to have improved the lives (If not the careers) of such celebrities as Sonny Bono and John Travolta. Judging from their ...
Aug 4, 1984
Man who recanted accusation against Scientologists won't face charges — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
More: link,
Type: Press
Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
A man who told police he was detained at the Church of Scientology headquarters in Clearwater and later recanted that account will not be charged with filing a false police report. The Pinellas-Pasco state attorney's office declined to charge Daniel Cotrino, 30, of Brooklyn, N.Y., after reviewing a taped statement Cotrino made to police. Clearwater police had taken Cotrino to police headquarters for questioning March 5 after a police sergeant reported that he saw him being held by two Scientologists outside ...
Apr 12, 1984
Police release transcript of Scientologist's statement — Clearwater Sun (Florida)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): George-Wayne Shelor
Source: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
Clearwater police Monday released a transcript of a tape-recorded statement made last month by Daniel Cotrino, a New York Scientologist who be had been held against his will at the sect's 210 S. Fort Harrison Ave. headquarters. The transcript indicates the 30-year-old Cotrino, a Scientologist for 11 years, was frightened and angry at the time he made the statement. It is also clear that Cotrino did make the statements he later accused police of fabricating. The transcript of the tape was ...
Mar 14, 1984
Scientologist's tape to get review — Clearwater Sun (Florida)
Mar 13, 1984
Letters to the Editor / New York man objects to [Sun?] — Clearwater Sun (Florida)
Mar 12, 1984
Scientologist denies police report he was detained by sect members — Clearwater Times (Florida)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Judy Brennan
Source: Clearwater Times (Florida)
CLEARWATER — Calling a police account a lie, Scientologist Daniel Cotrino said at no time did any church members try to physically detain him at the sect's headquarters last week. Cotrino, 30, of Brooklyn, N.Y., told a completely different story from the account police released last week and accused three officers of lying in their report. "We have his statements on tape," said detective Ken Fairchild. "The report was written from those statements." ASKED why he believed police would lie about ...
Mar 9, 1984
Scientologist says sect detained him — Clearwater Sun (Florida)
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Type: Press
Author(s): George-Wayne Shelor
Source: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
For the second time since January, a Scientologist trying to leave the sect's international headquarters at the former Fort Harrison Hotel was physically detained until police intervened, according to police. Daniel Codrino, who traveled from New York to Clearwater to take $7,000 in Scientology courses, was told he would have to pay an additional $1,165 for another course, according to a Clearwater police report. Codrino refused to pay and when he tried to leave, two sect members tried to push him ...
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