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Feb 8, 2008
Judges Press IRS on Church Tax Break — New York Sun
May 3, 2001
Earthlink co-founder is sued over investments — New York Times
Type: Press
Source: New York Times
LOS ANGELES, May 2 — Lawsuits filed by investors accuse a co-founder of the Internet service provider EarthLink Inc. of bilking them of more than $35 million. The co-founder, Reed E. Slatkin, a venture capitalist from Santa Barbara, Calif., is also under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for his financial dealings, according to a report today in The Los Angeles Times. Investors have filed at least three lawsuits against Mr. Slatkin, with lawyers saying that he collected more than ...
Mar 13, 1984
Letters to the Editor / New York man objects to [Sun?] — Clearwater Sun (Florida)
Dec 1, 1980
Scientology's war against judges — The American Lawyer
Type: Press
Author(s): James B. Stewart
Source: The American Lawyer
On September 5, 1980, as U.S. District Court Judge Charles Richey was recuperating from two pulmonary embolisms and exhaustion, lawyers for the Church of Scientology and the Justice Department gathered before Judge Aubrey Robinson, Richey's successor in the two-year-old conspiracy case against 11 members of the Church of Scientology. Judge Richey had already convicted and sentenced nine of the original 11 defendants, but the remaining two, recently extradited from England, were about to go on trial. "Particularly from the standpoint of ...
Apr 24, 1976
What can you do to fight crime? — Sun Chronicle (Attleboro, Massachusetts)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Oreste P. d'Arconte
Source: Sun Chronicle (Attleboro, Massachusetts)
THE ATTLEBOROS — Several weeks ago a pair of canvassers stood in the area of the Attleboro Common and asked passersby what they thought they could do to help fight crime. They got, says Gerard Velona, exactly the kind of response they expected: "I don't know." Velona, a theology student from Brookline, heads a church of Scientology campaign designed to help reduce crime throughout the state. So far, Velona and his crew have visited about 40 communities. The results have been ...
Apr 1, 1972
Author here sues Scientologists — New York Times
Aug 8, 1968
Scientology 'a high price racket' — Daily Telegraph (UK)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Alex Faulkner
Source: Daily Telegraph (UK)
A DEVASTATINGLY critical account of Scientology appears today in the New York publication Women's Wear Daily, which is devoted essentially to fashions, but often explores matters far afield from them. "A new and quite apparently phoney 'religion' called Scientology is beginning to emerge from the lower depths," it says. "In the United States it is still basically unknown except to cultists and a few curiosity seekers. But in recent days, Subway posters have appeared in New York urging everyone: "Step ...
Aug 7, 1968
Scientology... Lend-lease racket — Women's Wear Daily (New York)
More: link,
Type: Press
Author(s): Denis Sheahan
Source: Women's Wear Daily (New York)
NEW YORK — A new, and quite apparently phony "religion" called Scientology is beginning to emerge from the lower depths. For many weeks it has been a frontpage story in Great Britain where the government has been moved to act against the new cult. In the United States, it is still basically unknown except to cultists and a few curiosity seekers. But in recent days, subway posters have appeared in New York urging everyone: "Step into the world of the totally ...
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