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Aug 3, 1994
Press watchdog backs Observer // Sex pervert was a cult teacher — East Grinstead Observer
More: link
Type: Press
Source: East Grinstead Observer
BRITAIN'S newspaper industry watchdog, The Press Complaints Commission has dismissed a complaint by the Scientology movement against the East Grinstead Observer. The cult tried to stop us telling our huge following of readers that an evil sex pervert who preyed on schoolboys at the cult-backed Greenfields school was a Scientology teacher. The cult accused us of inaccurate and misleading reporting following a court case earlier this year, when cultist Mark Kent was jailed for five years for serious sex offences. The ...
Jun 12, 1994
Special investigation: Scientology — Sunday Mail (UK)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Marion Scott, Stewart Kirkpatrick
Source: Sunday Mail (UK)
TEENAGER David McLaren is in hiding, after breaking free from the Scientology cult. "I'm the one who got away," said the brave 18-year-old, who came forward to help Scots girl Christine Forsyth. "I found freedom, now I want Christine to enjoy that same freedom", he said. Last week we told the shocking story of how 24-year-old Christine, from Kirkcaldy, was "tried" for "treason" by the mind-bending cult. HER CRIME WAS SPEAKING TO AN "OUTSIDER". Christine's distraught dad begged the cult to ...
Apr 22, 1994
Letter // Profit motive behind attack on Scientology — East Grinstead Courier (UK)
More: link
Type: Press
Source: East Grinstead Courier (UK)
YOUR story Ex-Scientologists to 'Expose' Cult (March 4) completely missed the point. What your readers were not told is that the two Scientology "ex-members" in question have been involved in removing materials from church premises and using these for their own ends. The true story is this. Robin Scott and Ron Lawley engaged in a criminal conspiracy in 1983. In furtherance of' that conspiracy, Scott and others went to Denmark, entered a church using a subterfuge, and stole sacred religious scriptures. ...
Apr 3, 1994
Cult accused of intimidation — The Sunday Times (UK)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Richard Palmer
Source: The Sunday Times (UK)
Police are investigating complaints that private investigators employed by the Church of Scientology, the cult created by L. Ron Hubbard, have intimidated witnesses and plaintiffs in forthcoming court cases. The cult, which claims to have 300,000 members in Britain and 8m worldwide, has attempted to undermine its critics after coming under severe financial pressure in this country. It is anxious to protect its funds which are set to be drained further by a series of expensive civil actions brought by former ...
Mar 30, 1994
Scientology: the inside story — How a church aimed to sell itself — The Argus (UK)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Paul Bracchi
Source: The Argus (UK)
In the third part of his special investigation into the Church of Scientology, chief reporter PAUL BRACCHI reveals the true cost of one man's involvement with the cult. [A small picture of Mr. Bracci is shown, as on previous days.] HARD SELL... two words synonymous with door-to-door salesman, second hand car dealers, and estate agents. Two words you would definitely not expect to find in the vocabulary of any religion. But this is not any religion. It is Scientology. Today, we ...
Jan 21, 1994
Father fails in plea to cult member son — East Grinstead Courier (UK)
May 27, 1993
Chichester Anglican leaders advise youngsters against scientology // Cult church warned off — The News (Chichester, UK)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Brian Warren
Source: The News (Chichester, UK)
Church leaders in the Chichester area have got together to issue a tough warning about scientologists. They are concerned that the cult is increasing Its influence in the district. A warning has been issued by 14 Anglican church leaders from Chichester and Seisey, who are particularly concerned about the curt's attempts to recruit young people. The "church" of scientology has stepped up its presence in Chichester in the last year and has just opened a new centre near the railway station. ...
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