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Greg Beha, Beth Beha and Narconon Stone Hawk

Greg and Beth Beha's son was admitted to Narconon, then summarily dumped into a cheap motel after telling the staff that L. Ron Hubbard was an idiot. [ref] "Beha Family Story at Narconon Stonehawk"

[Ongoing development regarding Greg Beha's tribulations with Narconon Stone Hawk]

Narconon Victims (Jan. 2007): "Greg Beha settles"

Two days before he was to appear on the Vince Daniels show, Mr. Beha contacted Daniels to inform him that he received his refund, apparently with a gag order.

While we congratulate him on getting his money back, his is one more voice silenced. Someday, it is hoped that someone will come forward who will not agree to a gag order. We lost the skirmish, but the war's not over.

Greg Beha (Jan. 2007): "Open letter to Narconon"

When my step-son called and told me that he wanted out and that Narconon had Scientology beliefs, I thought that he was just a drug addict wanting out. I told him that I didn't care what they were teaching him, and what beliefs they inflicted on him just as long as he comes home without an addiction after 3 to 6 months. After 18 days you dropped my step-son off at a motel with $10.00 and "washed your hands of him".

I called you, talked to you in person and you think that you owe me nothing! You think you can walk into my life, take $23,500 and just walk away. I sent you an offer $16,400 that I could live with and you refused.

The Wog Blog (Nov. 2006): "Vince Daniels In a Fine Mood"

[...] Following Tory on the show was a segment featuring Professor David Touretzky and Greg Beha whose son was admitted to Scientology’s drug rehab program, Narconon. After making a disparaging remark about L. Ron Hubbard, Greg’s son was kicked out of the program and dumped at a seedy motel with a ten dollar bill. Mr. Beha is attempting to get a refund from Narconon.

[Transcript available on Dr. David S. Touretzky web site.]

Greg Beha (Sep. 2006): "Public Statement in Full"

[...] On July 2, (2 days into Detox) our son passed out and was vomiting blood, the [Registered Nurse] at the center would not let him go to the hospital. Our son finally convinced them to take him to the hospital. They said they would take him AMA (against medical advice). At the hospital they said he was dehydrated and started him on IV’s. After going back to Stone Hawk, he finished the detox withdrawal part of the program. Our son started the next phase of the program (Therapeutic Training Routines Course) which teaches one’s ability to confront and communicate.

Our son was having problems with getting through this phase. During this period we were talking with our son and the counselors (Anthony, Patty, and Ramsy) trying to get our son through this part of the program. On July 13th or 14th we talked to Patty (our son’s counselor) and he told us that if he couldn’t get our son though this course by the end of weekend that they would have to let him go. We called Ramsy and told him about the situation and he assured us that he would talk to our son to help get him through the program. [...]