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Scientology's 'Suppressive Person' (SP) doctrine

«Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.» — Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
«[Education] shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all ...» — Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
«A truly Suppressive Person or group has no rights of any kind as Scientologists and actions taken against them are not punishable under Scientology Ethics Codes.» — L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL of 23 December 1965, "Ethics, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists"
«SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.» — L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL of 18 October 1967, "PENALTIES FOR LOWER CONDITIONS"
«Suppressive acts are clearly those covert or overt acts knowingly calculated to reduce or destroy the influence or activities of Scientology or prevent case gains or continued Scientology success and activity on the part of a Scientologist.  As persons or groups that would do such a thing act out of self-interest only to the detriment of others, they cannot be granted the rights ordinarily accorded rational beings."» — L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL of 5 April 1965, "HANDLING THE SUPPRESSIVE PERSON"

Bulles (Jan. 2007): "Scientology, the Last Laugh" by Gerry Armstrong
In May this year, Belgian magazine Le Soir published an astounding cover article, or spread of articles, by Julie Barreau, headlined “la Scientologie vise Bruxelles.” The cover featured a photo of Scientology's mega celebrity “Operating Thetan” and ambassador Tom Cruise. The article treated a range of issues relating to Scientology, identifying it as a political organization seeking to seize power and establish a dictatorship, announcing its purchase of a large and strategically located office building in Brussels for its new European headquarters, and impugning some of its claims as fraudulent, its cost as exorbitant, its psycho-social system as robotizing, and its head David Miscavige as a bully boasting of shooting down critics or “Suppressive Persons” like ducks in a pond. The article also provided an update on the pending criminal case against Scientology's Belgian branch on charges of fraud, illegally practicing medicine, violating the privacy law, and being a criminal organization. [...]
St. Petersburg Times (Jun. 2006): "The unperson" by Robert Farley
An SP is a pariah. Anyone who communicates with an SP risks being branded an SP himself. [...]

But SPs who have felt the sting and other church critics say the suppressive person policy is a sledgehammer to keep marginal members in line - and in the flock.

Whatever Scientology's motivation, its suppressive person policy results in wrenching pain, say a dozen SPs interviewed by the St. Petersburg Times.

St. Petersburg Times (Jun. 2006): "SP profiles" by Robert Farley

Grace Aaron of Los Angeles was declared a suppressive person five years ago after she wrote several internal reports insisting that current church management had altered some of L. Ron Hubbard's directives. She said church officials tried to convince her husband of 28 years to divorce her and said he had to make a choice: his wife or his religion. He stayed with her and was declared a couple of months later.

Their son, Zachary, then 22, was on staff at the Beverly Hills mission and living with his parents. She said the church also gave him an ultimatum: move out within 24 hours and sever all ties with his parents or he would be kicked out of Scientology himself. He went with Scientology.

Wikipedia (Jan. 2008): "Suppressive Person"

Suppressive Person, often abbreviated SP, is a term used in Scientology to describe the "antisocial personalities" who, according to Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard, make up about 2.5% of the population. Another 18% are PTS (Potential Trouble Source), as a result of the SPs. A statement on a Church of Scientology website describes this group as including notorious historic figures such as Adolf Hitler and Genghis Khan as well as others who "are less obviously seen."

The term is often applied to those whom the Church of Scientology perceives as its enemies, i.e. those whose "disastrous" and "suppressive" acts are said to impede the progress of individual Scientologists or the Scientology movement. [...]

Cyril Vosper (1971): "The Mind Benders, Scientology"

Hubbard and all his peculiar extensions - Scientologists - wanted me to say, "I AM A SUPPRESSIVE PERSON!"

I wrote it down on a piece of paper, trying to get conviction into the very ink. I was sitting on a bench in Hyde Park, near Speaker's Corner. People were walking up and down. They did not know there was an Enemy of all Mankind in their midst. I felt quite famous.

It was not sufficient to just write down, "I AM A SUPPRESSIVE PERSON" and send that in. Oh, no. These Scientologists want a total confession of all the dreadful things you have done in your life. If you know any, they want dreadful things from earlier lives too! They want you to completely degrade yourself. To admit you are one of the Enemies of Mankind.

I started writing. I've done lots of really lousy things. I cheated at school once. I thought L. Ron Hubbard was an idiot, often. I got angry with my children, sometimes. When I was seven, I had fired an arrow at a cat.

There were dozens of things like this and when I read it over, I realised what a tame life I had led. I hadn't made any mountains of skulls like Attila the Hun, not even a small pile of skulls. When I was twelve I had smoked some cigarettes that had been stolen by another boy. Maybe that was "Receiving Stolen Property".

I felt much better when I had finished my long list. I really was not an Enemy of Mankind.

Gerry Armstrong: "Scientology Policy Directive 08-13-1982 Suppressive Act Dealing with a Suppressive Person"

We believe that the good people who comprise the class called “Suppressive Persons,” or are the Scientologists’ “ enemies” or potential “enemies” have an absolute right to know the information contained in this document, and that such knowledge cannot be denied them by Scientology’s application of commercial copyright law.

We believe that the safety and security of the general public necessitate this document’s exposure and broad dissemination.

Paulette Cooper (1971): "The Scandal of Scientology - The Suppressives"

But in the past, if a Scientologist did decide to say something against Scientology, perhaps to publicly disavow it or report or threaten to report it to civil authorities,{11} he was immediately declared a "suppressive person" and sometimes an "enemy of Scientology."{12} A "suppressive person" was immediately dropped from Scientology and no Scientologist in the world was permitted to associate with him.

Perhaps this doesn't seem like much of a punishment to the reader, but remember that the Scientologist has often withdrawn from his former friends and family and spends his time mainly with Scientologists. He may not have a job to go to since he may have left his job to work for the Org, and he may have divorced his former spouse and remarried someone in the group -- none of the people can have anything to do with him.)

At various times the Scientologists have treated suppressives in an even worse manner. In 1965 they wrote that the "homes, properties, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection or Scientology ethics."{13} In an earlier code it said "I pledge myself to punish to the fullest extent of my power anyone misusing or degrading Scientology to harmful ends."{14} At one time an enemy of Scientology was defined as someone who could be "deprived of property or injured by any means by a Scientologist ... may be tricked, sued, lied to or destroyed."{15}

Ken Rose: "The Demons of Freedom"

According to scientology policy it is a High Crime and a Suppressive Act for a scientologist in good standing to remain in communication with any person who has been declared to be a "Suppressive Person."  What this means, of course, is that a scientologist's right to freedom of speech is abrogated... at least it is limited in that one cannot exercise free speech with respect to declared SP's.  Savvy scientologists might argue that they accept this limitation knowingly and willingly and thereby retain full freedom of speech.  But Jefferson's caveat stands: one cannot limit this freedom in any way without destroying it. And, in fact, a scientologist who wishes to exercise full freedom of speech, risks the consequences that accompany violation of the above cited HCOPL.  One can, of course, be declared a Suppressive Person oneself for continuing communication to another declared Suppressive Person.

City of Clearwater Commission Hearing (1982): The Church of Scientology - Day 4, Janie Peterson

He was expelled and declared a Suppressive Person, and a list of people, including his wife and his stepchildren, was issued, stating that these people were called what's called Potential Trouble Sources; in other words, they were connected to Mr. Walters and either they — either had to disconnect from him or they would be also expelled from Scientology. There was a list of about thirteen or fourteen people.

Affidavit of Astra Woodcraft (24 January 2001)

28.  I was also in charge of investigating and finding the "Suppressive Person" if a department wasn't producing enough.  I had to make people write up their "overts & withholds" (things they had done that were bad), receive confessionals, do amends, etc.  I had to write a "Suppressive Person" declare on a lady who had already left with permission but then was ordered to receive more confessionals and was having trouble getting a ride to come over and receive them. She was then made to disconnect from family and friends who were in the Sea Org and her husband was ordered to split up from her, but he refused.

Affidavit of Vicki Aznaran (7 March 1994)

22. The legal strategy of Scientology and the existence of numerous potential legal problems, some of which are set forth below, were known to me when I was a staff member in Scientology. Enemies of Scientology are deemed to be "suppressive persons" ("SPs"). One becomes a "suppressive person" by doing a suppressive act, such as suing Scientology as a litigant or lawyer. In the jargon of Scientology, when one is "declared" this means that one has been declared a "suppressive person" and, therefore, may be harassed, hurt, damaged or destroyed without regard to truth, honesty or legal rights. It is considered acceptable within Scientology to lie, cheat, steal and commit illegal acts in the name of dealing with a "suppressive person."
Suppressive Person Defense League
The Suppressive Person Doctrine makes Scientology a hate group, and makes SPs, although they comprise more than two and a half percent of the planetary population, a persecuted minority. Because Scientology teaches that Scientologists are a new master race – “homo novis” or “homo scientologicus” [6] – and that SPs are a component of an inferior race – “homo sapiens” or “wogs” [7] – the Suppressive Person Doctrine is a racist ideology.

[First hand documents about Scientology "Suppressive Person" Doctrine, be sure to visit.]

Church of Scientology International (2004): International Association of Scientologist event

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They said: "so, like... have you met an SP?" And I looked at them and... you know... and I thought how a beautiful thing because maybe one day it will be like that. You know what I'm saying? Maybe one day it will be that... "Wow, SPs, like, they'll just read about those in the history books, you know." [...]

Thing is I just go through that tech and it's... it's literally... it's not how to run from an SP, it's PTS/SP, how to shatter suppression, confront and shatter suppression, you apply it and it's like "boom!" [...]

Because they don't come up to me and do that. They won't do it to me... not in my face, you know, or... or anywhere in my vicinity where they feel they can be... confronted. [...]

The Watchman Expositor (1998): "A Hubbard Legacy: Scientology's Punitive Policies"

Scientology leaders today try to dismiss the church's "bad-boy behavior" as something done without Hubbard's knowledge by rogue Scientologists, and as a thing of the past. It was Hubbard, however, who wrote the policies on which Scientologists, past and present, base their behavior and activities. Regarded as "Scripture," these policies are still in force and continue to perpetuate and govern Scientology's heinous and terroristic activities.

The following is a partial list of these totalistic mandatory policies or "doctrines" of Scientology (all emphasis is in originals except where noted):

1. "A POTENTIAL TROUBLE SOURCE [PTS] is defined as a person who while active in Scientology or a pc [pre-clear] yet remains connected to a person or group that is a Suppressive Person or Group.

"A SUPPRESSIVE PERSON [SP] or GROUP is one that actively seeks to suppress or damage Scientology or a Scientologist by Suppressive Acts" [i.e. those which are "calculated to impede or destroy Scientology"].

"A Suppressive Person or Group becomes 'fair game.'" [...]

Gerry Armstrong (Feb. 2004): "Complaint Report"

14. Hubbard and Scientology teach that Suppressive Persons, or SPs:
  • are the two and one-half percent most evil wogs in the world;
  • are insane;
  • are psychotic;
  • are criminal;
  • are destructively antisocial;
  • are committing hidden crimes continuously;
  • are dramatizing the overt or covert but always complex and continuous determination to destroy;
  • goof up or vilify any effort to help anybody and particularly knife with violence anything calculated to make human beings more powerful or intelligent;
  • automatically will curve any betterment activity into something evil or bad;
  • are the only thing wrong in this universe;
  • are at the root of every bad condition;
  • can have no friends;
  • include Hitler, Stalin, Dillinger and Genghis Khan;
  • fill the institutions with victims, the hospitals with the sick and the graveyards with the dead;
  • are the only people who do not get gains from Scientology auditing therapy;
  • are without any rights of any kind and actions taken against them are not punishable.

Declaration of Jonathan Caven-Atack (9 April 1995)

2. In January 1983, the Church of Scientology published a list of 611 people who had been "declared Suppressive Persons" (JCA-1). Shortly thereafter, I was informed that one of my employees had been similarly "declared a Suppressive Person", and shown Scientology Policy Directive 28, "Suppressive Act — Dealing with a Declared Suppressive Person" (JCA-2). This order forbids Scientologists any contact with any person "declared Suppressive". This policy is known within Scientology as "disconnection". For six months, I wrote letters questioning the "Suppressive Person declare" issued on my employee. During that time I made enquiries of the Master at Arms, or Ethics Officer, at Saint Hill, of the Special Unit, of the International Justice Chief, of the Executive Director International and ultimately of L. Ron Hubbard. The responses I received were evasive.

3. In September 1983, I decided to conduct my own investigation of the Church of Scientology. I was unwilling to have my communication controlled and my freedom of association denied, and uneasy with the attitude of Scientology's new management, who described themselves as "tough" and "ruthless" (JCA-3), and unhappy at the high price charged for Dianetic and Scientology services ("auditing", for example, had risen from #6 per hour in 1978 to over #100 per hour) (JCA-4).

68. The Hubbard "Policy Letter" "Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists" (JCA-115), shows how easy it is to commit "High Crimes" or "Suppressive Acts". These include "Public disavowal of Scientology", "Public statements against Scientology", "Bringing civil suit against any Scientology organization", "Demanding the return of any or all fees", "Continued adherence to a person or group pronounced a suppressive person or group", "publicly departing Scientology" and "Violation or neglect of any of the ten points of Keeping Scientology Working" (in particular "Knowing it [Scientology "technology"] is correct", "Applying the technology", "Hammering out of existence incorrect technology"). Strictly speaking, anyone who does not know that Scientology's "technology" is correct is deemed a "Suppressive Person".

Affidavit of Lawrence Woodcraft (24 January 2001, 1st)

11. I obtained a copy of the order declaring me a suppressive person and it contained many lies, for example it states that I am a "squirrel", which in Scientology is someone who alters Scientology dogma. I have never done this. It says that I hindered the efforts to recover my daughters.  They both decided to leave of their own choice and Astra was pregnant and no longer eligible for staff and therefore not recoverable unless she agreed to have an abortion.  They also stated that I had not made "case gain" during my participation in scientology and that made me a "suppressive."  Before this, when Scientology personnel were trying to recover me and get me to pay for more services, I was told that the reason I had had poor results in Scientology was that I had received low quality service as it was before the "golden age of tech."  The  'golden age of tech ' consisted of major "improvements" that occurred in Scientology in 1997, when it was found that Scientologists were not being properly trained in the delivery of auditing.  I emphasize that I never had any kind of hearing to establish any kind of guilt or to allow me to answer "charges" against me of things I had supposedly done to make me a suppressive.  The first I heard was the telephone call that Scientologists were no longer allowed to associate with me.

Typical Suppressive Person (SP) Declare's

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