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Scientology's Training Routines

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The Secrets of Scientology: "The TRs"

The TRs (Training Routines) are part of the most basic Scientology training, and are repeated to increasingly stringent standards at higher levels. They are billed as a way to improve communication skills, but their real purpose is to plant the seeds for thought control.

The Wog Blog: "Scientology…Losing it!"

Compare Sweeney’s “rant” to the demonstration of this training drill by Vaughn Young on a British TV show from 90’s called Network First. He is at cause over an ashtray.

Joe Lynn (2006): "On Scientology's Training Routines (TRs)"

However, in all things Scientology there is a 'subtext' to the 'training'.  Yes, one learns to 'control himself', which can be a valuable and rewarding discipline, but he also learns to let others control him. To 'follow direction'. To 'take direction', especially to 'take direction unquestioningly'.

Akron Beacon Journal (Jan. 1990): "A tale of capture and brainwashing" by Richard Weizel

Geary also described taking part in a practice called "bullbaiting," in which two persons sit face-to-face and stare at each other for hours without saying anything.

"The scary thing was that those kinds of exercises were making me emotionless," said Geary. "It was like I didn't have a mind of my own."

Daily Mail (Aug. 1966): "Minister is asked to investigate... The case of the processed woman"

Among the "drills" studied by the woman, to be spoken aloud by her repeatedly during training sessions, were these statements from a Scientology textbook:

"I just realised how terrible my mother was . . . You're dead . . . I'm dead too . . . We are all dead . . . I love death . . . Kill me . . . Beat me . . . I am going to vomit on you if you don't stop . . ."

A leading consultant psychiatrist told Newsight: "One's hair stands on end at this sort of thing. These strong, positive suggestions towards death are like a barrel of dynamite to a mentally unstable person. Even mentally healthy people could be affected."

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