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Mark Bunker

Long time critic, owner of Xenu TV, a comprehensive archive of Scientology-related media.


Welcome to XENU TV
In 1999, I created this website which features streaming video about Scientology. The site lay dormant for a couple of years as I moved to Clearwater, Florida to join with Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks at the Lisa McPherson Trust where I produced videos for LMT Media.

While working for the LMT, I traveled to Chicago to film an interview with two dentists who were trying to obtain a large refund from Scientology. To disrupt the interview, Scientology hired off duty police officers who arrested me for trespassing even though I was on a public sidewalk. More than a year later, I was acquitted of all charges. Read the trial transcripts!

One week after this arrest, I was assisting a German film crew as they shot a documentary about Scientology in Clearwater, Florida. While videotaping, I was attacked by a man who struck my camera with a hammer. The man was ultimately arrested and sent to jail on unrelated charges which were uncovered during the investigation of the hammer attack.

Mark Bunker (Mar. 2007): "About XENU TV"

I was recently interviewed for the first issue of a new fanzine called Next Stop Nowhere. Dave from Newest Industries wanted to ask a few questions about Scientology and about XENU TV. Now, I don’t know much about punk rock (okay, virtually nothing) but I do know about fanzines and the love and passion you have to have to invest your time into putting one together so I was happy to show my support. And Dave lives in Cardiff, home of both the new “Dr. Who” and “Torchwood” series. How cool is that? Even “Sid and Nancy” quoted the Daleks.

A lot of people ask me these or similar questions, so I thought I would add this to the site as “A Beginner’s Guide to XENU TV.” [...] "Scientology® Versus Mark Bunker and XenuTV"

Mark Bunker (Mister XenuTV himself!) has had a rather remarkable past 12 months. Not only was he almost framed for assault by Scientologists in Los Angeles, not only has he been assaulted by a Scientologist weilding a hammer, but the Chicago Scientology franchise is trying to send him away for a crime he did not commit. His best defense that the charges are false is the video tape he was making while filming a documentary at the time--- it is alleged that the tape was then stolen by the Chicago Police Department moments after he was arrested. Mark fortunately has eye-witnesses that insist the charges against him are fabricated. If the allegations are true, charges of perjury and police misconduct may follow.
Scientology and the Clearwater Police

Scientology snuck into Clearwater, Florida in 1978 under the assumed name of United Churches. Since then they have come to dominate the small town.

I lived in Clearwater for two years, working with a group which was helping people defrauded and abused by Scientology. During this time, police officers started to accept off duty jobs from Scientology. I documented the police officer's bias during that time. The police department accepted $176,000 a year from Scientology and was called by some "Scientology's police force."

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