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Ed Hattaway, Tera Hattaway

Former scientologists. Tera Hattaway was staff member.

Meet Ed and Tera Hattaway

WISE is the World Institute for Scientology Enterprises. Most of the businesses run by Scientologists are members of WISE. Many WISE companies are "management consultant" firms that hold seminars for dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, and other professionals, promising to help them "boom" their businesses with a spectacular management technology. Although they don't say so at the outset, of course, they mean Hubbard management tech.

These consulting firms go into a business, put Scientologists in administrative positions in the company, and then try to convince the owners and staff that the only way they will ever really be successful is by handling their own personal problems that are holding them back. How to handle these personal problems? By getting auditing at the nearest Scientology org, of course.

This is what happened to the Hattaways. Thousands of people have been victimized by the fraudulent WISE front groups -- not only in the United States but also in Germany, France, Italy, and many other countries.

Declaration of Tera Hattaway (12 April 2001)

22. As a matter of fact, it was considered “down stat” (very bad behavior) for the children to cry or be upset for what I knew and felt to be a reasonable emotion, given the circumstances, such as no parents to be there for their first words, or their first steps, or no hug or kiss for the little boo boos they get. No parent to show off to or to share a normal life with. They didn’t even know what a normal life was.

23. These kids were taught that the outside world is the enemy. That the outside world is very insane and people outside of Scientology were not to be trusted. The people of the outside world are referred to as WOG’s (a derogatory word used by Hubbard to describe an average human being).

Declaration of Ed Hattaway (26 February 2001)

8. The trap I fell into personally, professionally and financially was not set by some wide-eyed cult follower with a message about zenu the intergalactic warlord. I stepped into the mess by following doctors who I saw as successful and as leaders in the field of chiropractic, dentistry and business management!

10. I was introduced to a local mission. Then to a larger org. I was indoctrinated into the concept that if I went "clear" I would be more successful, etc. I ventured on this journey. Borrowing money from my college funds and bank to pursue that self-improvement ideal that would ultimately make me successful.

11. Looking back, I guess I was prime for this. After all, what is college but an investment in personal improvement that will hopefully lead to greater success in life? So, I fell for the idea that, since I had no real business training, I should listen to what these other successful people had to say. I went into hock, in the coming three years as I was beginning my career, to go up the Bridge.

12. At the time, I was an associate doctor with another scientologist chiropractor. He and I became the best of friends and he reinforced my commitment to go up the bridge.

13. By my third year in practice, I was already $20,000 in additional debt, with nothing to really show for it. I then purchased my own practice and began working out of the financial hole I had been digging for three years. I was nearly out of debt when I started getting reged for the OT levels.

Ed and Tara Hattaway letters to the Church of Scientology

I kept quiet for many years because I was afraid of losing my spiritual freedom — what a dichotomy — Fear/Freedom. What a diabolical trap. No one at Flag has ever had spiritual freedom. You can’t even define it. You say it like a bunch of dilettantes. It is just another glib phrase that rolls between your lips and makes you feel special while you slave away 16 to 18 hours a day trying to get your stat up by 2:00 PM on Thursday. That is not spiritual freedom. Most of you are too scared to enjoy life, too scared to think about what is wrong, too scared to confront your life. There is no one in $cientology who can confront $cientology. You have to get out of $cientology to confront it. That is why there are so many ex-members and non-members who stand up to this organization that loves to call itself a church. They do confront it every day. The stats in $cientology have gone down year after year. Your PR may be a little better in a few places, but the truth is that the stats are down because of poor service.

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