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Rehabilitation Project Force's RPF (RPF's RPF)

«By lowering the endurance of a person, a group, or nation, and by constant degradation and defamation, it is possible to induce, thus, a state of shock which will receive adequately any command given.» — L. Ron Hubbard, "Brainwashing Manual", p. 34.

The extreme punishment for the ones not doing well on the Scientology's gulag, the RPF.

Orato (January 2008): "Scientology's Fanatical Military" by John Duignan
[...] Because of her desire to leave the only organization capable of salvaging the people of Earth, Alice was assigned to an even harsher regime called the RPF's RPF, this being an even grimmer version of the program she was already on.

One afternoon, I had just driven back the Crowborough camp; I saw an ambulance and people in a tizzy and running around. I was told by a white-faced college that Alice had ran out of the RPF indoctrination room, gone to the workshop, found a tin of paint thinner, swallowed it then climbed up on top of the gym roof, a fifteen-foot high structure surrounded by concrete. She jumped. [...]

Robert Vaughn Young: "Hubbard's Gulags: RPF's RPF"

So the next time Chick Corea or John Travolta complain about the treatment of Scientologists, would someone let them show them either this post or the entry from the Administrative Dictionary and ask them to protest how Scientologists are treated INSIDE Scientology? (Don't be surprised if an Orwellian edit on this definition is done, if not done already.)

And also pass it on to those who say there is no form of "cult mind control" that goes on in Scientology. Better yet, let THEM do the RPF's RPF and keep them there until they change THEIR minds "of their own self-determinism" and let's see what they say.

The "Church of Scientology" or the Guru's Gulags — Story of an Escape

A door opened on a dark and stinking space. Something was moving in the back, I thought there were rats and it almost made my stomach heave. My eyes getting accustomed to the dark, I saw an unbearable sight. In the back, a form, then a woman, in her thirties, feverish, the entire body poured with sweat was wearing chains. She had a chain about twenty inches long linking her two ankles so she had to do small hasty steps. She was performing an imprecise and nasty job which I still fail to grasp the sense but it seemed that among other tasks she was pouring water in and out. We found ourselves in a place that might have been a sort of laundry place with machines and pipes everywhere. I guess the kind of place situated on the basements of hotels.

Affidavit of Andre Tabayoyon (5 March 1994)

18. As a Sea Org member, I received thousands of hours of training in basic Sea Org policy. In 1977 I was assigned to the Rehabilitation Project Force for 18 months. In 1980 I was assigned to the RPF for another 2 1/2 years. In 1987 I was again assigned to the RPF for another 18 months. Accordingly, I spent approx. six years in total on the RPF. During these six years I also spent time — 19 full days — on the RPF's RPF. The RPF's RPF is designed to totally destroy any individual determinism to not want to do the RPF. RPF is a totally involuntary type gulag or concentration camp. In order to get out, and stay out, you must prove that you have altered the ideals, morals, social and emotional and attitudinal values of another member of the RPF of a long duration as evidenced by the physical actions and motions of the person so altered. One must also prepare written evidence in the form of success stories of how wonderful and voluntary the RPF was. During my six years in the RPF, I spent five hours a day studying and receiving instruction in Scientological matters.» [...]

42. I personally observed a number of other Scientologists go crazy and commit suicide as a result of the auditing processes. Bob Shaffner and I were serving sentences on the RPF's RPF together. Although inmates are not allowed to speak to each other while on the RPF's RPF, Bob made it a point to tell me two or three times daily that he was going to kill himself because of what he experienced during RPF's RPF & OT III auditing. One day we were working on dangerous machinery and Bob suddenly thrust his finger into the machine which cut his finger off. Scientology management was fully aware of Bob's condition. He was placed on the risk of suicide list. Because he was suicidal, his berthing quarters while in the RPF were limited to first floor facilities. Whatever was done, if anything, to help Bob failed. He successfully committed suicide several years later.

Affidavit of Anne Rosenblum (pre 1995)

Within the RPF, is the RPF's RPF. This is where people who haven't realized that they need the RPF, are sent. In Clearwater, they were sent down to the boiler room under guard, of course, and had to work there the entire day scrubbing pipes and walls in the boiler room. They are segregated from all other RPF members. They were given a pen and paper to write their overts and write lower ethics condition formulas while in the boiler room. They were allowed 15 minutes to shower before going to bed at night and allowed an average of 5 hours sleep. They ate after the RPF ate, and were only allowed enough time to eat. They did this until they realized how evil and suppressive they are and how much they need the RPF.

Affidavit of Monica Pignotti (29 September 1989)

I cleaned toilets day after day, month after month, and finally suffered from a complete emotional breakdown. I went through days where I was completely out of control, sobbing continuously. At one point I was assigned to what is known as the RPF's RPF, which is where people who get into trouble in the RPF were sent. In the RPF's RPF I had to spend the entire day and evening down in the bilges of the engine room, cleaning foul smelling muck and painting them. I was not allowed to communicate with anyone except the RPF's ethics officer and had to write up my ethics conditions, which he wouldn't accept for several days. I was to "find out who I really was", so I spent days trying to answer that question to his satisfaction. I finally did it and was returned to the RPF, but at that point, I was completely numb, emotionally and obeyed any orders I was given, without question.

Affidavit of Hana Eltringham Whitfield (8 August 1989)

Because of the continued refusal to cooperate, Lyn was rapidly assigned to the RPF's RPF. This was several steps down from the RPF, in the boiler room under the Ft. Harrison hotel building. It was a dark, filthy, smelly place where the huge boilers roared and clanked day and night and where the rats lived. Lyn was chained to a pipe down there for weeks, under guard. She was taken meals and allowed toilet breaks, but no other hygiene. I tried desperately to get her to repent and get out of the hole, but she would not. The longer she stayed in the hole, the less she spoke and the more unwilling, sullen, filthy and feral looking she became. I was stunned by what was happening to Lyn. Finally, she did the actions necessary to get out of the hole and back into the RPF, though she was still under 24 hour guard. That night, Lyn somehow got away from the security guard ... and disappeared. I have not heard from her or about her since.

Stephen A. Kent (2000): "Brainwashing in Scientology's Rehabilitation Force (RPF) - 10. The Creation of the RPF's RPF"

On April 24, 1974, a Flag Conditions Order established the RPF's RPF. This program received people who were on the RPF but not progressing satisfactorily, or who thought that their assignment to the RPF was humorous. As Hubbard reported in his "management technology" dictionary:

[t]he first RPF's RPF assignment was made because the person considered their [sic] RPF assignment amusing, an award [sic] and was therefore unable to recognize a need for redemption or any means to effect it. Until such time as the person recognized this need and of their [sic] own self-determinism requested to be included in the RPF redemption actions, the [RPF's RPF] restrictions applied" (Hubbard, 1975: 451 [emphasis in original]).

People on the RPF's RPF were segregated from the RPF inmates in their work assignments, eating, sleeping, roll-call, and other activities. They were not paid, did not receive auditing, were not to receive more than six hours sleep, and received triple ethics penalties for offenses. Reflecting the fact that the RPF's RPF began on a ship, inmates in the program were allowed to work only "on mud boxes in the E/R [engine room]." Moreover, they were allowed to communicate only with the person in charge of the RPF, and could "not join RPF fully until acceptable amends [were] made to all RPF members" (Hubbard, 1975: 451 [emphasis in original]).

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